What Our Readers  Are Saying

We are pleased to present a few of the unsolicited comments received from our readers regarding "Great Temple of Travel," and wish to thank them for taking the time to write.

"It was only a week ago that I accompanied my husband to the model railroad show and met you. Books are my passion so I was drawn to your table. I was born and raised in the Birmingham area but got to the Great Temple only once. But that once impressed me so greatly that 50 years later, seeing a picture brings a vivid memory and evokes the feeling of "vastness". Seeing 100 feet into the dome with that enormous lighting fixture overwhelmed me. I have lived through its destruction and listened to the talk and innuendoes about what brought the station down. That's why I started with the chapter concerning that part of it's life span. For the first time it is clear to me what exactly happened.  I am so happy to add your book to my library.  P.S. We own BIRMINGHAM RAILS which also is treasured." - Sara Williamson, Birmingham AL

"Received your book and love it. I have given it to my 30 year old son who really likes it. I  have ordered another copy for myself and my husband...My husband, my son and myself all work/worked for Southern Railway/Norfolk Southern Railway. While attending UAB my son became interested in the old terminal station and wanted to know why his dad and I had never talked about it to him. Needless to say, this book hit the spot! Thanks again for sharing all this wonderful history with us. I'm looking forward to receiving my own copy of this awesome book." -  Sue Price, Douglasville, GA

​​​"This book is a handsome labor of love, and worthy of its subject matter.  The photographs and drawings are awesome, and bring me back to that lost grandeur. Some of the images I already have from decades of searching for postcards for a scrapbook, but nowhere near the selection here and not in bound book form--which is VERY welcome.  The railroad buff will love it, too, for its wealth of information.  If you have an interest in architecture and the preservation of those wonders America can call its own, get yourself a copy of this book. " -  Posted by "By rush1313" on Amazon.com 

"Just a note to advise that the book arrived today.  It is outstanding - a great reference source for one of the "important" stations that I missed.  I lived in Memphis in 1964, so got some exposure to Central and Union Stations in Memphis, and Birmingham always beckoned as one end of the Frisco, but I never made it there while the station was still standing." -Bill Pollard, Conway, AR

"Great Temple of Travel" is simply outstanding, both text and photos. My congratulations to you for helping to preserve the history of this magnificent edifice. Although I never visited Birmingham Terminal Station, I remember very well the demise of Memphis Union Station. My dad and I spent many happy hours train watching there. I never understood how something built to last for the ages could be demolished so quickly in the name of progress. Again, job well  done."  -  George Holt, Dallas, TX 

"I really thought this was going to be mostly a photo montage book, which it absolutely is. But to my surprise, there is a ton of written information that really tells the history of the station from original conception though construction to completion and, unfortunately, it's ultimate demise. The inclusion of details of the individual railroads that called on the station and how they entered and departed is fascinating to me and it's great that this was included in the book. As of this writing, I must say I haven't finished the book yet, but after the first few chapters, I'm absolutely blown away at the quality writing and especially the photos!"  -- Dale E. Burns, Alexander City AL

"Take it from a railroader who has been at it 21 years as an operating professional and 14 years in the hobby, this book has resurrected a Phoenix from the ashes of an inept city. The thorough explanation of operations and the awesome pictures to go with it can't be beat."  -- Billy Thomason, Odenville AL 

"Beautiful book!!!  I feel richly blessed with wonderful memories and historical perspectives by your work and all those who contributed.  Thanks!" -- Dan Gray, Houston TX 

"Thanks for writing these amazing books about the Birmingham railroad scene.  I really enjoyed the Birmingham Rails book, I use it as a reference for some of the captions I put on my photos for Railpictures." -- Frank Orona, Valley AL

"Mr. Clemons' new book on the history of the Birmingham Terminal is and will be a marvelous addition to the history of that great city. Not necessarily "long overdue" but certainly being presented at the right time, it presents a marvelous look at the history, life and times of one of America's finest rail passenger stations. Kudos to Mr. Clemons for a fine work." - Seth Bramson, Miami, FL